All Fairhaven Australian Labradoodle puppies have been through the Bio Sensor Program used by the U.S. military to produce dogs of excellence. This early neurological stimulation program is designed to improve heart rate, strengthen adrenals, promote better stress tolerance, provide greater resistance to disease and produce a calmer more easily trainable dog.

Fairhaven puppies have also been raised using the Wonder Dog or Rule of 7 method of puppy socialization. This system has been used by conscientious breeders for years to create confident dogs that can handle new and different situations with ease. I start this program, do as many exposures as possible and encourage new owners to continue it with their puppy. Basically, within the first 4 – 16 weeks of life each puppy should be exposed to at least:
1. Seven different surfaces
2. Seven different objects
3. Seven different locations
4. Seven different people
5. Seven different challenges
6. Seven different food containers
7. Seven different foods

All Fairhaven litters are raised in my home and exposed to normal household activities. They go to new homes with a puppy packet full of helpful hints, a puppy bag with food, toys, treats and a scent towel to sooth puppy's first few nights.

Fairhaven puppies are fed a biologically correct, age-appropriate, modified raw diet. They will go to new homes with current foods and instructions for continued raw feeding or transitional feeding. With over 40 years experience with raw feeding and Natural Rearing I know these practices work, giving dogs abundantly healthy lives. You may contact me at any time for diet assistance for your dog.

Fairhaven puppies receive their first puppy shot around 7 – 8 weeks of age. In consultation with your vet you may chose to proceed on a slow vaccination schedule or not at all. Please make an informed decision, hopefully guided by a holistic veterinarian.

Because of concerned puppy owners I no longer micro chip my litters. EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation is controversial, and each new owner must weigh the pros and cons of this exposure and make an intelligent choice on their own.

In addition to the above programs, Fairhaven puppies will have had their dewclaws removed, had regular nail trims and brushing, be comfortable in a collar and riding in a car, will have met as many people (including children) as I can entice over and, if weather permits, will have gone ‘swimming’ in their kiddie wading pool. They will not be leash or crate trained

About Ember, the dam of Fairhaven Austrailian Labradoodles:
She was born October 2, 2015
Her ancestry includes Rutland Manor and Tegan Park dogs
At 45 pounds she is considered a large-Medium or a small-Standard size
She has been Naturally Reared since she came home with me at 8 weeks of age
Her coat is Curly Fleece, Black (aging with some white)
Her temperament is loving, quiet, thoughtful, very easy to live with
She is an excellent mother to her puppies
She produces puppies of every color

A repeat breeding is planned between Ember and Archie. Archie is a handsome 42 pound Australian Labradoodle with Tegan Park and Rutland Manor in his pedigree. He is a striking caramel colored boy and extremely good natured. He has sired some beautiful puppies.