Fairhaven Labradoodles are Naturally Reared

No list of NR principles is exactly the same, but all advocates include the concepts below:
1. Natural, species-appropriate diet
2. Clean, wholesome environment
3. Holistic health practices
4. Natural behaviors and socialization

These guidelines preclude all but the most minimal vaccinations, encourage natural health practices (herbs, homeopathy, Chinese Traditional Medicine, etc.) and rule out exposure to household toxins and other synthetic chemical pollutants. NR encourages plenty of outdoor exercise, fresh, pure water, mental and social stimulation and holistic veterinary care when needed. NR dogs are fed a raw, species appropriate diet. Basically NR is animal husbandry at its finest and most humane expression.

Epigenetics is the science of how genes are affected by our environment and life choices. Through intelligent life style choices genetic predispositions can sometimes be either expressed or remain dormant. For example, our eating habits cannot change the genetic expression of our off-spring's eye color but healthful eating and lifestyle habits may lessen our progeny's predisposition to familial cancer. NR affects genetic tendencies in a positive manner and I highly recommend the practices for your puppy's life long health.

Finding a holistic or an integrative veterinarian will make your NR journey with your dog much easier. I have been privileged to attend the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association's yearly conference for the past five years and am in awe of these highly intelligent, capable vets who seek to heal pets from the inside out, working with nature, rather than just giving drugs which temporarily hide symptoms. You may use the AHVMA's web site for directions to a Holistic vet in your area. When you find a holistic or an integrative vet you will have found an invaluable ally in the care of your dog. Truly a priceless partnership.

In general, breeders using NR principles are an extremely conscientious group. We do the best we can with the time, energy and resources we have. None of us are perfect and we each have our own strengths and weaknesses but our goals are high: to produce the healthiest, most well-rounded dogs that will fit seamlessly into their new owner's world. My Naturally Reared Australian Labradoodles are proving to be excellent examples of NR dogs .